Union renovation brings excitement


Story by The Baker Orange Editorial Board

When new and returning students walked on to the Baker University campus this week, they were welcomed by a new U.

Not only is the Harter Union refreshingly unrecognizable, but the university has a new look as well.

Following a year in which enrollment numbers were alarmingly low and several tenured faculty announced their retirement or resignation, Baker students, faculty and staff were ready to have a reason to celebrate.

The university answered the call this summer, giving the campus something to be excited about.

After such a pivotal school year in 2012-2013, the Union renovations could not have come at a better time.

When enrollment numbers were dangerously low, donations to this project provided BU with a sense of hope.

Baker’s beautiful campus and friendly atmosphere is a selling point for many potential students, but until last week, something was missing.

Students needed a place on campus where they could relax and feel at home. The new student union provides just that.

While students who do not have a meal plan will surely miss the Wildcat Cafe, Dining Services are working to accommodate students as BU awaits phase two of the renovation process.

Opening the grill section from 8-11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday is a great option for students who need a late meal. Dinner also runs until 7 p.m. this semester, which allows athletes to eat when practices run late.

Following the renovations, Baker’s new dinning options may be able to compete with those of larger institutions, but Allen Dinning Hall still provides the personable atmosphere Baker is known for.

Students will not be able to take to-go boxes as they have in the past, but the dining services staff is willing to fix a to-go box in advance if students simply ask.

These steps to meet students’ needs and desires is a pathway toward a more stable future. If prospective students see how Baker accommodates its students, how can they turn away?