Majors Fair helps students narrow choices

College is a place where students discover who they are and what skills they possess to further their careers. However, not every student knows what his or her major is.

Luckily, Baker University’s Student Academic Success teams up with Career Services to put on the Majors Fair each year.

The Majors Fair is held in Collins Gym and has booths set up for all students to attend. Students will be able to explore their interests in the majors they are considering. Professors and other students will be at each booth to help students who are still uncertain about what they want to major in.

Not only is the Majors Fair an opportunity to take a closer look at majors, but also for those who are interested in declaring a minor. Most students overlook the chance of minoring, but at the Majors Fair students can find that it is not difficult to have a major and a minor.

The Majors Fair, which is required for all Salon students, is scheduled from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m on Sept. 24, and lunch is provided.