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Senior enjoys Gessner Hall for final year

Story by E.J. Carter

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Midway through the semester, freshmen and transfer students have grown accustomed to their new school, but for a handful of returning BU students, a different type of housewarming has occurred. Since the last school year, many students have switched residency halls.

One of these students is senior Jeremy Gathright, who switched from the Horn/Markham Apartments, where he resided the previous two years, to Gessner Hall, where he began his freshman year at Baker.

“It’s nice. It’s not the apartments, but it’s nice,” Gathright said about living in Gessner Hall. “It’s a pretty decent place. It’s a roof over my head, but man it’s definitely a luxury jail cell with the brick walls and the one window. It’s cozy if you have a room to yourself. If I had a roommate I probably wouldn’t be too happy.”

Some other returning students chose alternative residency options so that they could be with their closest friends. Those who are close with friends of the opposite gender may have opted for the New Living Center or Horn/Markham Apartments in order to avoid the separation of the men’s dorm of Gessner Hall and the women’s dorm of Irwin Hall.

With the newly renovated Harter Union cafeteria rivaling the food service at larger universities, some students may be more likely to stay on campus. However, other students have opted to leave campus for apartment options in order to avoid the expense of a meal plan.

Sophomore Lauren Brown decided to leave the New Living Center this semester and reside in the Horn/Markham Apartments along with her Zeta Phi Beta sorority sisters.

“It is cheaper to live in the apartments,” Brown said. “But there are times when I don’t feel like cooking. My roommates and I don’t cook every day, so there are times when I would rather eat in the cafeteria, yet I end up settling for a grilled cheese sandwich or Ramen noodles because I don’t have a meal plan. It’s all about what’s cheaper really, so it’s all good.”

Students who are considering their residency options must consider how much importance they place on an in-house working stove, washer and dryer, among other resources.

“It’s a learning experience,” Gathright said. “My freshman year here I was in Gessner with a roommate, then I moved up to the apartments. There are levels to this thing. You’ve got to start from the bottom and work your way to the top.”