Ben Sobek blossoms at Baker University

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Ben Sobek blossoms at Baker University

Story by Tiffany Shaheen

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When junior Ben Sobek was crowned Homecoming king on Oct. 5, he realized he had accomplished one of his goals – to make his college experience more meaningful than his high school one.

“I try not to look at my high school career,” Sobek said. “It wasn’t the experience for me.”

When classes started, Sobek took initiative and became involved quickly. His involvement is highlighted in the Greek system, where he serves as president of Zeta Chi fraternity and the Interfratenity Council.

Through his involvement in Greek life, he has learned how to communicate with others as well as run meetings in his fraternity house.

Sobek considered attending a college in Minnesota but at the last minute he received a French scholarship from Baker, which was the deciding factor.

“(Sobek) is super involved,” Bryan Richardson, sophomore and member of Zeta Chi, said. “If something is happening on campus, Ben probably knows about it.”

Sobek also serves as a house boy for Alpha Chi Omega sorority. This includes assisting with lunch and dinner.

Ben is a double major in both Spanish and French. For the future, he is considering getting a doctorate in Spanish and possibly getting a job in higher-education administration.

From personal experience, Sobek would advise others to be passionate and inspired.

“Things don’t change unless you change them,” Sobek said.

Sobek says being passionate leads to opportunities. He also advises others to find value in anything they do and tell everyone about it.

To Sobek, Baker University has served as a place for him to find out who he is and what he can become. He has become aquatinted with many people on campus and established long-lasting relationships.

“I didn’t change myself,” Sobek said. “Baker changed me.”