Fix needed for bowl system

This could have been the year.

Two weeks ago, four undefeated college football teams stood atop the BCS standings. TCU and Boise State were shaking the ladder, hoping either Oregon or Auburn would falter, possibly crumbling the controversial BCS system to pieces.

Boise State’s dream fell at the hands of Nevada, yet TCU stood strong, waiting for a chance that wouldn’t come. Auburn and Oregon won their respective conferences and earned a trip to the BCS Championship game.

That can’t be argued.

They were two of the top teams all season, faced a brutal schedule and came out with undefeated records.

The major problem this year is with some of the other teams given bids to the additional BCS games.

Boise State was questioned all season about not having a tough enough schedule to be deserving of a national championship appearance. Regardless, it was deserving of a BCS bowl berth.

Although Boise beat two ranked teams at the beginning of the season, an overtime loss at No. 19 Nevada put Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Who took its place?

Somehow Connecticut was selected to play in the Fiesta Bowl. UCONN has an 8-4 record and did not play a ranked team all season. It isn’t even in the BCS top 25.

Virginia Tech came out of the ACC with a tougher schedule and an 11-2 record, but not only did the Hokies lose to Boise State, they also lost to James Madison. Virginia Tech is No. 13 in the BCS Standings.

While a playoff system is still best, in the meantime, the BCS could at least put the best teams in the BCS bowl games.

It’s simple to do.

The top two BCS teams, Auburn and Oregon, will play in the title game. The No. 3 and No. 10 teams would face off, in this case being TCU and Boise State, in one BCS game. The other games would be No. 4 Stanford against No. 9 Michigan State, No. 5 Wisconsin against No. 8 Arkansas and No. 6 Ohio State facing No. 7 Oklahoma.

People criticized Boise State for not being deserving of a title chance, yet UCONN and Virginia Tech are not worthy of a BCS game.

Apparently every game counts in college football, unless you play in a bad major conference like the Big East or ACC.