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Mid America Bank helps customers invest in solar panels

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Millennials care about environmental sustainability. Mid America Bank cares about it, too. That’s why they offer leasing to help customers afford the initial cost of investing in solar panels – a great way to save money long-term and invest in the environment.

Mid America Bank has solar panels on all three of their bank locations and have cut their power bill by 30 percent.

The bank chooses to lead by example in being energy efficient and being environmentally friendly, said Dave Hill, bank president.

The bank also has a leasing program for customers who want solar on their homes with no up front cost. Customers have a 15 year lease with payments approximately 80 to 90 percent of their electric bill.

“It’s a really good return on your money,” Hill said. “We think the trend of power rates will continue to go up and so we’re glad we made the investment when we did.”

Mid America Bank teams up with Cromwell Solar in Lawrence, Kansas, to provide solar panel services.

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