New gallery show to feature abstract art


Story by Bailey Conklin, Sports Editor

The Holt-Russell Gallery at Parmenter Hall will opens its doors for the Tommy White: Off Kilter show starting Thursday, March 3, with the opening reception from 3:30 to 6 p.m. The show will be on display through March 25.

White’s newest works are about achieving life balance using abstract works. White’s works, as he writes in his artist statement, “explore the relationship between environment, psyche and balance.”

White hopes visitors have an increased appreciation for the artistic process and honesty, “allowing yourself to explore territories that are personal but yet they dovetail to your own social realm.”

White also hopes that visitors can personally engage his artwork and understand the composition like a musician would understand a composition.

Pieces in this collection are composed of graphite and acrylic on panel. White finished his last piece for this collection in December, but some of his oldest pieces in the collection are from the summer of 2013.

White has exhibited his works in over 20 states and overseas in numerous countries. After working in higher education for almost two decades, White recently refocused his attention to his professional practice.