Graduating artists featured in senior exhibition

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Graduating artists featured in senior exhibition

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Walk into the Holt-Russell Gallery during the month of May, and you can look to the left to see two large self-portraits that strikingly resemble the artists who drew them.

The artists, seniors Kelsey Vollenweider and Kayla Kohn, have chosen pieces to display for their senior exhibition. The pieces are from a variety of assignments they have completed throughout their time at Baker.

Vollenweider is a double major in studio art and art history, and Kohn is an interdisciplinary major with emphasis in mass media and visual arts.

If you take a stroll around the gallery, you will see several different types of art on display, including digital photography, graphite drawings, inkwash, watercolor and a sharpie drawing.

Vollenweider said art has always been a passion of hers.

“My twin got all of the number and analytical skills,” Vollenweider said about her twin sister, Cari, who also attends Baker. “I was always more creative, and art was a better fit for me.”

Kohn, who was once an active member of the U.S. Air Force, decided to come to Baker because it was close to home. Deciding on mass media and studio art was more of a chance for Kohn to be creative and display her artistic talents.

Kohn has a young daughter, Audrey, who is featured in a few of her display pieces in the gallery. Kohn’s favorite includes three pictures in which something looks “amiss.” Through close observation, you can discover that Kohn Photoshopped herself as a doll in her daughter’s toy crib. This project was to combine surrealism with digital photography.

Vollenweider has two pieces on display in the gallery that she explains are her favorites “because of the sheer amount of hours put into them.”

One of her favorites is the large self-portrait that she completed her freshman year at Baker. Vollenweider’s other favorite is a sharpie piece that portrays her love for softball, which she played during her time in college.

Vollenweider’s eyes widen as she tells the story of the sharpie piece.

“It took me the entire fall semester up until the very last minute of finals,” Vollenweider said. “I was finishing my piece while my twin was helping type up a paper for another class.”

The Baker Delta Delta Delta chapter’s housemother, Lynnette Boyd, is also featured in a few of Vollenweider’s watercolor pieces.

Vollenweider hopes that the gallery will help people realize just how time consuming art can be.

After graduation, Vollenweider hopes to work in restoration at a museum using her background in art. She also may do a little teaching “here and there.”

Kohn hopes to continue painting, drawing and taking photographs.

Vollenweider and Kohn’s senior exhibition runs until May 22 in the Holt Russell Gallery, which is located in Parmenter Hall.