Freshmen help design ceramic bowls for service project

Story by Kyle Davis

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Baker freshmen are filling the inside of bowls with creativity, with the hope of later filling them with food for others.

Each FY class is required to perform a community service project, so Professor of Art Inge Balch, who had made bowls for the Empty Bowls Project before, decided to incorporate this project into the FY class she teaches.

Other FY class professors, Brett Knappe, assistant professor of art history, Susan Wade, director of Career Development Center, and Sara Crump, assistant professor of psychology, have decided to also participate in the community service project.

Balch had her upper-level ceramics class create around 50 or 60 bowls, before the FY students designed the insides.

“They get together and they come over here and see what this little place is all about and we just have a good time,” Balch said.

Once the bowls are completed, they will be for sale to the Baker and Baldwin City communities, and the money made will be donated. Last year, Balch raised $500, which was given to a soup kitchen in Baldwin City.

Balch has sold the bowls the previous two years, but this is the first year it has been done as part of a class. Last year, it was Balch, a few friends and a student making all of the bowls, and the year before that, it was just Balch.

“I think if we get a good start now, we can continue each year doing something like that,” she said.

Along with the bowls for the FY class, Balch will also offer this project as an interterm course.

“I think it shows the FY students how diverse Baker really is,” FY student leader Emily Hoehn said. “We have the general education program, so they all have different majors but they’re coming together for this class. I think it’s really going to set them up to be successful at Baker.”

Freshman Rachel Knight is in Balch’s class is and likes the community service requirement for the FY class and would be interested in doing the project again as an interterm course.

“I’m doing something for the community and I had fun doing that,” Knight said. “I thought it was pretty fun. I thought it was a good idea for a college group to do something like that.”

Balch said the money doesn’t have to go to the soup kitchen, but she likes the idea of keeping the donation in Baldwin City.

“If we all pitch in, we can at least make somewhat of a dent,” Balch said. “It’s a big world.”