Students show appreciation for new fitness equipment

Story by Lily Stephens, Writer

(Transcript of audio)

Over the past week, I have asked a few people to give their input on the fitness center upgrades. For those who don’t frequently pump the iron, here’s a brief explanation. After complaints from staff, students and coaches this December Baker’s Mabee Fitness Center received a few upgrades.

The Baker Orange’s Lauren Freking wrote a column back in September expressing her frustration with the amenities available at that time. She wrote that during the week of Sept. 18, 2016, there were two broken ellipticals … one broken rowing machine … and three working treadmills that were only partially functioning – one’s incline didn’t work and another couldn’t sense if a user was on it when it went above a certain speed.”

Word reached campus administrators, and plans for upgrades began to unfold. Now the fitness center has new treadmills, upright bikes, benches, mirrors and new Cybex Arc Trainers, a type of elliptical machine. I was curious to see if these new updates had satisfied the needs of the Baker community.

Freshman softball player Jazzmine Thorpe said that she is happy with the updates.

“I like the updates because before when I would go to the weight room with the treadmill, sometimes they would not work, but now they do. So that’s pretty cool, and they updated the benches in the other room so they’re not gross anymore, and there’re not holes in the benches. So that’s pretty good, too.”

Men’s soccer coach Nate Houser is also excited about the new equipment but wanted to make sure students are getting outside.

“The soccer program is very excited about the new benches in the weight room, complete vanity upgrade. It’s fantastic as far as the new running equipment and whatnot in the fitness center. I really think there’s no reason not to go outside – dress warm (and) run far – but if you have to run inside, if that’s your thing, then I think that’s really a motivator to get people in and fit in the winter months,” Houser said.

Non-student athletes sophomore Caringtyn Julian and senior Luke Miltz gave their input as well.

“It feels a little bit more crowded but I appreciate having treadmills that work and the mirrors are OK but we still have a long way to go,” Julian said.

Miltz added, “I really enjoy spending time in the fitness center now I think more people use the fitness center after the updates and I am appreciative of the alumni support.”

Overall, everyone I spoke with was happy that the updates took place, but as Carington said, hopefully more will come in our near future.

Thanks for listening!