Does pineapple belong at the pizza party?

Story by Lily Stephens, Writer


Gimme Pizza Song

Lily Stephens: Earlier this year, an Arizona pizza chef declined to top a delivery order pizza with pineapple. Not only did he decline to do so, he also gave the customer cash back and wrote an apology on the box that ended up going viral on Twitter. It read: Couldn’t bring myself to put pineapple on it. That’s gross. Sorry.”

Pizza is normally a food everyone can enjoy and agree upon. Free pizza is one of the key tactics employed by many organizations to gather college students together. Pizza is incredibly powerful. It can divide and unite. So I took to the streets and asked Baker students for their opinions on the controversial topping.

Noah Hastings: My feelings toward pineapple are that it is not normal. It is inhuman and the two things should not go together. Pizza and pineapple are fantastic separately, but when put together they create a monstrosity.

Lily Stephens: That was freshman Noah Hastings. Noah is so passionately in defiance of pineapple pizza that he wrote about it on a comment card to Sodexo, the meal provider for the caf. On the card he wrote “Pineapple pizza is terrible and not human.” Not expecting to get a response, Hastings was surprised when he walked past the cafeteria bulletin board and saw that someone had written a back. The card written by a Sodexo employee reads “To the pineapple pizza, please be tolerant of those who do like it. Remember that we are all one nation under God. Thank you for your comment.” But freshman Greg Flores and Danny Ofa have a different option on the topping.

Greg Flores: Pineapple pizza — I like it because when the pineapple is warm, I don’t know, the pineapple is juicer.

Danny Ofa: Well if somebody told me that it was bad I would say that was crazy their crazy for that.

Lily Stephens: Pineapple pizza is a classic debate. The argument has some validity. Why would you want to put something sweet on a characteristically savory food item? But there is another type of pizza entering the ring. Some believe it was created by the infamous Pizza Shuttle located on 23rd Street in Lawrence: cream cheese pizza. I had never heard of such a thing until I moved to Kansas. Instead of putting red sauce on the pizza crust, cream cheese is spread across the pie. I visited Pizza Shuttle and asked the man at the counter about this cream cheese pizza.

Pizza Shuttle Counter Man: Well, it’s the most popular one for some reason, but yeah, it’s really big amongst the college youths.

Lily Stephens: Since I am constantly surrounded by these college youths, I decided to ask their options on this type of pizza also. Sophomore Mitchell Lierz and freshman Sarah Sweet both seemed to be fans.

Mitchell Lierz: Cream cheese bacon pizza is life form Pizza Shuttle only.

Sarah Sweet: And I find cream cheese delicious on everything.

Lily Stephens: Have you gotten a cream cheese pizza from the Pizza Shuttle?

Sarah Sweet: I have.

Lily Stephens: Was it delicious?

Sarah Sweet: It is. I always get bacon on it, too.

Lily Stephens: However freshman Zach Shoemaker did not agree.

Zach Shoemaker: And I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate cream cheese on my pizza.

Lily Stephens: Where do you fall. Are you pro pineapple, pro cream cheese? Or do you just want some P-I-Z-Z-A?

Gimme Pizza Song