Politics unite Holland family

Politics unite Holland family

Senior Derek Holland is a people pleaser.

He was raised that way – thick-skinned and helpful, always smiling.

His father, Tom, taught him well. He taught him the basics of public service, of lending a helping hand, of taking action. He taught him that change is made by those who lead, not by those who wait.

When his father launched a surprising campaign in 2002 for the 10th District House of Representatives, he taught his son another lesson.<br/>Things happen.Things happen.
Things happen.

“He got lucky,” Derek said. “And he’s won ever since.”

Recently, Tom unseated his Republican counterpart Roger Pine to claim the state Senate’s 3rd District throne – and who better to help the campaign than his own son.

“He did a lot of door-to-door knocking for me,” Tom said. “He worked in a lot of parades. He put it in a lot of time.”

Throughout his father’s campaign career, Holland has sacrificed much for his father.

“In high school, I had the impression that I had to be on my best behavior for the sake of my dad’s political career,” he said. “I think it’s kind of become second nature to me now.”

Perhaps the biggest contribution Derek could offer his father came less than two weeks ago on election night, though.

“I stayed at the (Douglas County) Courthouse and waited for the numbers,” Derek said.

The numbers were in Tom’s favor.

“My dad was pretty nervous,” Derek said. “He always is, even if he knows he’s ahead.”

Now that his father clenched the Senate seat, Derek’s work is over – at least for now.

“I think he has high aspirations,” he said. “Although I think he’d be satisfied with his current position, it would not surprise me if he ran for something higher up.”

When that happens – whether it’s two years or 10 – Derek wants to continue to be a part of his father’s campaign.

“Seeing my dad has been a really positive experience for me,” Derek said.

Eventually, Derek might even give politics a go.

“The kid and rebel in me would say no,” he said.

“But I can definitely see it in the future.”

Even Tom anticipates some sort of political presence in his son’s future.

“He has a passion for the issues,” Tom said. “He cares about people. I think he probably sees government as a tool for affecting positive change in people’s lives.”

Until then, Derek stands tall – with his chin up and a smile on his face.

“I’m going to do something that allows me to help people,” Derek said. “I know that for sure.”