Freshman phenoms leave mark

Coming in as a freshman on any athletic team can be an intimidating transition, however, a few freshman athletes have stepped up and are quickly gaining recognition for their impact on Baker’s athletic teams.

Freshman golfer Chris Wilson quickly caught the eye of coach Karen Exon and has since proven himself as a strong competitor.

“Chris came in with golf abilities that are truly the best that I have seen ever at Baker,” Exon said.

Wilson’s freshman status did not stop him from striving to be the best player on the team.

“The last few tournaments he has played in the No. 1 spot for us on the varsity squad, and he has finished as our low-man scorer by leaps and bounds over everybody else,” Exon said.

Wilson said he is excited by his success so far.

“I think since I’m just a freshman it shows how much potential I really have,” he said. “It inspires me to work harder to see how good I can get by the time I’m a senior.”

Exon has also seen promise on the women’s side by freshman Dani Weimholt. In the tournaments played thus far, Exon said Weimholt’s hard work during high school is really paying off.

“She really positioned herself nicely following her final tournament in high school golf, so she came to Baker this fall with some really good competitive experience and some really good skills,” Exon said.

Weimholt attributes her success to her coach and teammates.

“It’s a really encouraging positive atmosphere,” she said.

While these athletes are excelling because of their ability to keep their scores low, freshman Christine Janssens is leading the women’s soccer team in goals this season. Teammate Mikayla Medlock said Janssens has been a strong addition to the team and has stepped up as a leader on the field.

“She is really positive, and she has good work ethic,” Medlock said. “She is also our leading scorer this season.”

Janssens said hard work is the key to her success.

“I try to work hard all the time at practice and in all games, no matter who the opponent is,” she said.

A great team is also what outside hitter Brooke Pryor attributes her success to on the volleyball court.

“I think my team has helped by just accepting me and letting me come in and trusting me to be able to play at this level,” she said.

Teammate Jayde Allen said the effort Pryor gives in every game is exemplary.

“She always gives 110 percent and you always know you can count on her,” she said.