How to make tasty tortilla cream cheese wraps

My parents rarely entertained guests at my house when I was growing up, mostly because my mom thought that she would have to feed and entertain all of them. However, when we would have family over, my mom would put out impersonal chips and salsa as an appetizer.

When mom started making cream cheese roll-ups served with salsa, I wasn’t too eager to try them. The combination of cream cheese, onions, tortillas and salsa sounded a little odd to me. They are a crowd pleaser, though, because they are bite size and not too salty. Contrary to my earlier thoughts, they are also delicious.

The recipe is not unusual or very difficult. It has only four ingredients and tastes better if prepared a day in advance. The initial preparation time is approximately 15 minutes. When planning to entertain a group of friends, this quick recipe makes a great appetizer.


8 tortillas 1 package of cream cheese7-8 green onions1 jar of salsa

Let cream cheese package sit out until it is soft enough to spread. Lay out eight tortillas and spread cream cheese evenly on all of them. Chop up green onions and sprinkle evenly over the cream cheese spread. Roll up the tortilla like a burrito and wrap the rolls in plastic. For best results, refrigerate the wraps overnight.

Before serving, remove plastic and slice rolls into bite-size pieces. Recipe makes 64 bite size snacks. Serve with salsa.