Lack of representatives leads senate to unmet quorums

Lack of representatives leads senate to unmet quorums

Baker University Student Senate is hoping every class and organization will fill their representative positions by the end of September so it can start meeting quorum and voting on important issues.

“Organizations are asking for money, and we aren’t able to pass it because we don’t have quorum,” Vice President Ashley Locklin said.

President Ryan Boyer said majority vote has been implemented to pass issues until everyone can be present at meetings.

“We can do it as an (executive committee), but we want everybody to have a say in it,” Boyer said.

Boyer said classes won’t receive money budgeted for them unless they have all their representatives by the end of the month.

“Last year was a whole ordeal about (classes) getting their representatives together, so if they can’t do it this year, they’re going to have consequences,” Boyer said.

Student senate voted to donate $100 to co-sponsor the NFL viewing party at 3:15 p.m. Sunday in Harter Union, along with Mungano and Student Activities Council. The game will be the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Denver Broncos.

“What we’re doing is we’re taking $100 (student senate is) giving us and $100 SAC has given us, and (Mungano is) putting $100 toward this event,” Mungano president Kelly Vaughan said. “We’re going to buy pizza from Wheat State and get $10 gift certificates for trivia prizes during commercials.”

Boyer said he has been working on a proposal to have computers put in the union lobby, which is something student senate is going to continue working on.

Public relations officer Jacinta Deruso said polls will open Monday and close Tuesday for student senate freshman class elections.