New website, new adviser, new us

Story by Baker Orange Editorial Staff

The Baker Orange’s redesigned website has been under construction since the end of May and is finally ready to be unveiled.

“We wanted to update the site, to make the layout cleaner and easier for people to use,” Lexi Loya, the current editor, said. “This new site also allows the staff to upload content more easily and gives us more freedom in how it’s displayed.”

The updated website isn’t the only change happening for fall. The Orange staff is getting a new adviser, Taylor Shuck, a previous Orange editor and Baker alumna.

Although the website is changing, the print edition will stay the same. The Baker Orange in print has sustained its circulation numbers over the past five years and increased ad revenue.  We have tried to make the printed paper more modern by changing from a larger broadsheet to a smaller tabloid paper format, which also allowed us to print more color pages and use a higher-quality paper grade.

We know, however, that the print edition will not last forever, and during the spring of 2017 we began discussing the long-term future of our printed product.  For now, though, the print edition is an important part of our lives and a unique aspect of Baker.