Tips for surviving a relentless winter


Sydney Boaz

Students brought out every coat, hat and pair of gloves they could find in order to keep warm throughout the polar vortex that hit the Midwest.

Story by Editoral Staff

Students bundled up in their thickest winter jackets in order to repel the polar vortex elements this month. Temperatures in Baldwin City dropped to -3 degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 30. The wind was not forgiving either as the blustering gusts added to the already-below-freezing conditions. Classes were not canceled, much to many students’ dismay, and they set out to bear the unforgiving conditions. However, classes were canceled Feb. 7 due to icy conditions and again on Feb. 15 due to snow. As the weather in Kansas is often unpredictable, if unbearable temperatures hit Baldwin City again— we’ve got you covered with these helpful winter tips.

  • Apparel: Small modifications can be made to your wardrobe to ensure you feel toasty even on the coldest Kansas days. Several thin layers do not create as much bulk underneath jackets and give you more layers to shed once inside. Your legs do not need as many layers, but on extremely cold days, two or three layers are perfect. Mittens, gloves, a stocking cap and face mask will fight against frostbite and dry skin.

  • Food/Drink: Close the doors, drop the blinds, turn Netflix on, grab that movie-theater popcorn and relax. Throughout a cold winter, warm soup can do the trick when staying inside. To quench your thirst and to give you a warm and cozy feeling— hot chocolate. Be sure to check your email to keep updated on campus dining hours during winter conditions.

  • Car Tips: Make sure you are keeping an eye on your tire pressure. As the temperature drops, so does the air in your tires. In order to prevent your wipers from becoming frozen to the windshield, extend them in a raised position. Another good thing to always keep with you is an ice scraper to rid the frozen chunks of ice from your windshield.

  • Cabin Fever: With doors blocked by snow, some can get a bit antsy with nothing to do. A good way to avoid so-called “cabin fever” is to invest in a few good movies, games and a giant blanket. The Harry Potter collection would be a good way to pass the time as it is currently available for $44 on Amazon. Additionally, popular game, Cards Against Humanity, is available for $25 at Target.

  • Navigate Campus: The University grounds team does the best job they can to keep our sidewalks free from ice and snow. However, the Kansas weather sometimes overcomes the efforts. In order to stay as safe as possible, avoid the Student Union steps, the stone path in front of Mulvane Science Hall and walk in the grass whenever possible.