Album receives positive review

Spontaneity and a sense of abstract tension build-up and release are just two of the standout characteristics in the latest album from Animal Collective, “Feels.”

The band’s indie-rock roots shine throughout the album, which leads off with several feverish, electrically-charged tracks and then smoothes itself out in a series of fluid, obscure lullabies.

“Feels” treds back and forth between sounds reminiscent of a murky-watered jamboree and crisp, clean, pop tunes, but achieves a certain continuity of sound in the mix of the sporadic track list.

The album’s first track, “Did You See the Words,” is energetic and whimsical, with a driving drum beat which pulls into strained, but rhythmic guitar chords.

“Grass” is light-hearted and cheerful at first, but includes drum bashing covered by corresponding screaming vocal bursts, a repeated theme on some of “Feels” tracks.

“Flesh Canoe” is more akin to the latter half of the album and begins with a muddied vocal verse.

On the back half of “Feels,” “Banshee Beat” is soft but loud all at the same time. The barely-there moans of lead singer pair nicely with overwhelming sense of tension building in the background of the track, which eventually builds up tension only to be released by the later vocal harmonies and chants.

“The Purple Bottle” is perhaps the most playful and upbeat on “Feels,” with cheerful lyrics like “I’m sick, sick, sick to kiss you / and I think that I might vomit.”

Overall, “Feels” achieves with its impulsive and frantic tracks stuck together with more melodic and watery songs.