Computer club added at BU

Baker University has added a computer club to its long list of organizations to help students meet the growing demands of the work force.

“It is a great opportunity for students to see what jobs are available in the computer science field,” Val Kolesnikov, assistant professor of computer science, said.

Kolesnikov created the computer club to bring students interested in computer science together so they could learn together and from each other.

While the club still is recruiting members, club meetings may include speakers, movie nights and community projects, which will help create a practical use for some of the things students in the computer science and computer information systems majors may learn in class.

Because the club is new to Baker, it does not have a formal system of being run.

No set time for meetings exists, but e-mails are being sent out to the student body about upcoming events in the club.

Kolesnikov hopes once the interest in the new club grows, students eventually will lead it.