Fantasy football managing is weeklong job

Story by Kyle Davis

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We are beginning to get into the heart of the NFL season, which means for a group of society, the addicting epidemic known as fantasy football is starting to control people’s lives.

It starts innocently enough; someone joins a league with a group of friends or joins a free, public league for fun. However, it’s not that easy. There are bragging rights involved, and in some cases, even a trophy. This is not just a team; these are players you have drafted that have to be at the top of their game every week to be the league champion.

I don’t think people realize how important these teams can be. Let’s look at a typical, and maybe a little exaggerated, week in the life of a die-hard fantasy football team owner, because, trust me, it is a weeklong process.

Tuesday: All scores for the week are final and, depending on how successful you are, the normal reaction is to either gloat or sulk. Of course by gloat I mean bring up your success in everyday conversation. When asked how many points the calculus quiz is worth, for example, your response is, “Not as many points as Peyton Manning earned me this week.”

By sulking I mean threatening to drop your entire roster, or considering writing an angry letter to Carson Palmer telling him Chad Ochocinco was open in the end zone on that final 3rd and 12 play.

Wednesday-Thursday: A couple of slow days during the middle of the week. No big changes are made, but you do turn into a statistician and find that, even after throwing four interceptions last week, once in 2004 your quarterback threw for 410 yards against Chicago, so you might as well start him. Just a thought.

Friday-Saturday: The week’s lineup is constructed and after several minutes you have convinced yourself there is no way you can lose this week.

Also, when the regular season nears its end, these two days, along with Thursdays, can be a source of entertainment as the man you are up against forgets the occasional game is played on a day other than Sunday. Meanwhile, he still has Detroit’s defense starting against the Giants. Then he asks, “How long have they been playing football on Thanksgiving?”

Sunday: The day you’ve been waiting for all week. That Buffalo Bills-Cleveland Browns game has never been appealing until now. In most cases, your computer will be sitting on your lap while you are watching the game, so you know you need only one more yard to reach 100.

Monday: In most cases, panic will set in at some point during the game. Either you were up by a ridiculous amount at the start of the Monday Night Football game and now the lead is three, or you have been tied the entire day and only have one more quarter to break free. Also, somehow it finally makes sense to run the ball on 3rd and 23 because Adrian Peterson could use an extra 15 yards.

It is a difficult four months, but in the end it could all be worth it as you become the league champion and go against everyone's advice by making a championship T-shirt.<br/>