Signs added to campus for easy navigation

Signs added to campus for easy navigation

Story by Trenton Keim

Baker University will soon be more visible and organized with signs being placed on campus and around Baldwin City.

The signs being placed on and around campus will be used to direct students around campus, identify the buildings and direct visitors to the Baker campus and parking lots.?All the signs will fit into the same design theme and match the bases to the lamp posts already on campus.

Annette Galluzzi, vice president of marketing and communications, said the university has planned to implement the signs on campus, but the has been waiting on funding for the signs. The signs on the state and federal highways around Baker were put up about a year ago, and now the signs on campus have become a priority.

Galluzzi said the signs are in response to visitors having a difficult time navigating their way to campus. ?

“Part of doing business is helping people get to your place,” she said. “The signs will be aluminum, but won’t look like it. They will be painted an ivory color and the bottoms will be green.”

The lettering on the signs, denoting which building is which, will be copper and will be raised atop the signs. Some signs will also be illuminated to aid those trying to find buildings at night. Signs for buildings with a high frequency of traffic will be illuminated, Galluzzi said.

In addition to signs going up on campus to direct visitors and students from building to building, Galluzzi said there will also be signs placed around town to direct individuals to Baker’s campus. They will keep in the same color palate, but will be set on poles. They will also have detachable pieces so if vandalism occurs individual parts of the sign can be replaced, as opposed to the entire sign.

Senior E.J. Adams said she thinks the signs will be beneficial to Baker.

“Sometimes when you’re walking around campus it’s hard to see the names on some of the buildings,” she said. “So having signs in front of them will help with this and will help parents find the university from the highway or find a specific dorm.”

Junior Nolan Griffin said he does not think the signs on campus are needed. ?

“I don’t think they’re needed as long as I have someone to show my around on my first day,” he said.

The signs being placed on campus will be a work in progress, but Galluzzi said the sign in front of Parmenter will likely be placed first to aid those looking for the admissions office.