Mr. BU should represent all of Baker

Mr. BU.

A Greek Week tradition.

A friendly competition among men on campus.

By definition, Mr. BU is a man who can represent the university as a whole.

In years past, in addition to fraternities and sororities, other university groups and organizations have had the opportunity to nominate people for this competition.

But this year, only greek organizations could submit candidates for Mr. BU.

So, if only fraternities and sororities get to choose who can win Mr. BU, shouldn’t the title be something else?

Something like Mr. Greek?

BU is short for Baker University, a university with students involved in more than just greek life.

If the winner is truly Mr. BU, he should have the opportunity to represent people in other student organizations, not just greek organizations.

Greek life is not the only student organization on campus that deserves the opportunity to nominate candidates for the competition.

What about Mungano?

What about Student Activities Council?

What about Gay-Straight Alliance?

Why aren’t any of these organizations able to nominate people for Mr. BU?

None of the nominees themselves have to be greek. In fact, several nominees this year aren’t even in a fraternity.

So why can an independent compete on behalf of a greek organization, while independent organizations themselves cannot nominate a candidate?

Students in these organizations, greek or not, are still a part of Baker’s campus life. They should have an equal opportunity to participate in Mr. BU.

Unless Mr. BU does indeed become Mr. Greek, any campus organization or group should have the right to pick a person to represent them in this campus-wide competition.<br/>