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Thanks to teachers

The Baker University Student Educators Association greeted professors on Wednesday with messages of thanks and adulation. The messages showed teachers how much they are appreciated. Students should do this more often.

Fraternity friends

The Zeta Chi fraternity is hosting its annual benefit concert. Although the fraternity has yet to determine where the proceeds are going, any time an organization hosts an event for a good cause the group deserves congratulations.

Teachers saying no

The faculty senate unanimously passed a resolution against censorship at Baker University. It is great faculty here realize the necessity of the First Amendment and are willing to take a stand in support of it.

Flung projects

There is nothing more frustrating to students than when a teacher springs a project on students at semester’s’ end. It would be OK if just one or two teachers did this, but the fact that many teachers seem to consistently do this just bogs students down even more.

BVLLA philanthropy

The Baker University Lifeless Language Association is doing a philanthropy event called Circus Maximus. The group is collecting canned food from around Baldwin and are donating it to the Baldwin City Food Pantry.