Dip ideal for party


Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about cheese.

With the upcoming Super Bowl this weekend, people will be scrambling to the grocery store to pick up their favorite football snacks. While some might be grabbing for pretzels or little smokies, no party is complete without the perfect cheese dip.

Forget whether it will be the Patriots or the Giants, will it be cheddar or monterrey jack cheese? The big mistake most people make when making a cheese dip is limiting themselves to just one type of cheese. Who said cheese dip had to just be cheddar or Velveeta?

I used to think making cheese dip was a matter of throwing a block of cheese into a crock-pot and calling it a day. So maybe it isn’t much more complicated than that, but I’ve found that some people have a strategy when it comes to their cheese dip making skills. Some people debate whether to go with cheese blocks or cans of cheese sauce, while others contemplate whether to use mild or hot picante sauce.

Considering Wal-Mart announced Tuesday that it will be specifically lowering Super Bowl snack prices 10 percent to 30 percent over the weekend, it seems like this would be a good time to take advantage of the price drops.

We all know we can’t afford groceries at the Baldwin City Market with our minimum wage campus jobs, so it looks like Wal-Mart might be the best alternative for your Super Bowl snack shopping.

Whether you’re a New York fan or a New England fan, everyone can agree that the Super Bowl is all about the commercials.

When the game is boring you out of your mind and the commercials aren’t quite up to par, slip into the kitchen for your super cheap, super cheesy cheese dip snack.