Alumni work to renovate Delta Tau Delta house

Story by Kyle Davis

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What a difference a summer makes.

In three months, while most of the Baldwin City campus was away, the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house received a facelift, noticeable to those who pass it, but most notable to those who call it home.

“I came back and … you can really hardly recognize it, it’s just awesome,” senior Andy Roberts said.

The construction began the day after STAG, and only a few aspects of the remodeling process, including putting down new carpet and getting new furniture in the formal room, remain on the house.

“It was fantastic, it was a night and day difference,” junior Blake Stanwood said.

President Bradford Oliva said the fraternity’s house corporation and alumni are paying for the renovations.

The alumni have already raised around $500,000 and are looking to raise another $50,000 to finish the remodeling.

“We got all of this around in just one year, so that’s kind of a testament to our alumni and how well they work together and how willing they are to support the house,” Oliva said.

Oliva said so far, 75 alumni have donated money to the house and wanted to avoid having to take out a loan for the renovations.

“Technically our house corporation, they’re the ones, the group of alumni, who own the house,” Oliva said.

“So, they own the house and technically as undergrads we pay them rent on the house.”

The upgrades can be seen all over the house.

A new driveway, sidewalks, handicapped walkway and front landing were all made over the summer. A new master key and box near the front door also gives the fire department access to the house in case of an emergency.

The library, formal room, entryway, bathrooms, kitchen and basement also received renovation work.

DirecTV was added to all the rooms in the house, and the price of rent did not skyrocket, which Oliva was happy with.

“We kept costs down,” Oliva said. “That was another thing too, we didn’t want to have our bills go up.”

Along with hiring a new cook this year, the house put about $110,000 into a remodeled kitchen, which included new flooring, a new deep fryer, stove, grill and freezer.

Although the majority of the construction was done in three months, discussions on how to fund the renovations began after the members of the house moved back to campus last fall.

“A lot of the alumni, the ones who were really involved, back when they were Delts, their fraternity was like the top on campus,” Oliva said. “So they just saw us continuing, bringing the house back around to that trend.”