Artwork destroyed outside Bennett

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Artwork destroyed outside Bennett

Story by Kyle Davis

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Two Baker University students destroyed facial busts May 5 behind Bennett Art Building.

The names of the students involved were not released.

Professor of Art Inge Balch said some of the pieces of art were up to 20 years old and others were created this spring by art students.

“Some of them haven’t graduated yet from here, whose work, they can’t even take it home with them,” Balch said.

The two men met with Dean of Students Cassy Bailey Wednesday regarding the incident.

“Any time we have property damage or vandalism, we have charge letters that go out to students for destruction of property, and that’s a level-two offense,” Bailey said. “Any time we have a student in a disciplinary kind of situation, their status is automatically going to change. In other words, they’ll go from being in good standing to another standing, whether it be warning or probation.”

Bailey said reflection and education is also part of the process for students.

“Often times, in my office, I’m not so concerned about the what, we know what the what is, but to do really some reflections, not only on why you chose to do something but also what has now been the consequences,” Bailey said.

Balch said this is not the first time artwork has been damaged by students.

A golf club was found behind the building, which Balch believes to be what was used to break the art.

“My whole point is that you’re ruining somebody’s hard work,” Balch said.