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“I just wish it could have gone on the 12th, the 13th, the 14th, the 15th, the 16th, the 17th. We can go on and on. Like they say, no pain, no gain. America, you lost. I won.”

–Zacarias Moussaoui about the 9/11 attacks at his trial

“My dad was my best friend and greatest role model, and I will miss him deeply. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him, and I’m honored to continue his legacy of sharing and caring.”

–Golfer Tiger Woods about his father, Earl, who died of cancer this week

“Mr. Moussaoui got a fair trial. The jury convicted him to life in prison, where he will spend the rest of his life. In so doing, they spared his life, which is something that he evidently wasn’t willing to do for innocent American citizens.”

–President George W. Bush about terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui’s conviction and life sentence