Rowdiness causes Pub Crawl cancellation


Senior class representatives are now exploring three new alternatives for a spring senior event after students and administrators expressed concerns regarding senior Pub Crawl.

The options include renting out the patio at the Salt Mine or renting rooms at Abe & Jake’s Landing in Lawrence or Dave & Buster’s in Kansas City, Kan.

“The main idea is to take the focus off of drinking,” Senior Class President Brittany Coleman said.

The traditional event began at the Lodge and included a trip to Lawrence via rented buses. Afterward, the seniors returned to Baldwin City and made a stop at the Mine. Dean of Students Cassy Bailey said traveling bar-to-bar is a safety concern for administrators who classify the trip as “binge drinking.”

“The college is founded on Methodist principles,” she she said. “One of those principles is social responsibility.”

Normally, Pub Crawl is held in the spring, but this year Coleman said the class opted to have two events since a large majority of the class of 2008 graduated in December.

“The rationale was that seniors were going to graduate early,” Bailey said.

Because a fall event was scheduled, Coleman said some seniors realized how unsafe the event could be.

“Members who had attended before said that most Pub Crawls are that out of control,” Coleman said. “It’s generally pushed underneath the rug because the year ends.”

The first Pub Crawl of the school year was held on Dec. 4, from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, but according to a university report based on eyewitness accounts, many students acted unruly. ­

The report states a fight broke out on one of the buses causing both buses to pull over and unload the students. Once unloaded, the bus drivers called the Lawrence Police Department.

“Participants brought beer onto the bus,” the report states. “Participants vomited on buses (several locations).”

Once the buses were empty, students standing outside continued to break rules, the report states. While outside of the buses, participants urinated in bushes, yelled, threw beer cans, spat on leaders and threatened bus drivers, according to the report.

“I definitely feel like it was out of control,” Coleman said.

According to the report, Coleman was the only sober senior class officer at the event.

Eventually, the Lawrence Police Department escorted the buses to the city limits, and then the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department provided an escort back to Baldwin, the report states.

Damages to the buses that were rented from Student First bussing also ensued at the expense of the university, Bailey said.

Because of problems caused by the previous senior Pub Crawl event, Bailey said administrators and senior class officers opted to provide an alternate event.

“The university will no longer financially support what was known as the Pub Crawl,” Bailey said. “The university is interested in a senior celebration.”

The senior class officers and administrators opted to offer a forum last week in which students could voice their concerns and provide input about the senior event. Bailey was present, as were University President Pat Long, Associate Dean of Students Teresa Clounch and Jo Adams, vice president of financial services.

Bailey said the forum was well advertised, but few students showed up to express their concerns or ask questions.

“There was no excuse for students not to come,” Coleman said. “I feel like some students may complain, but they should have come to the forum.”

Junior Nicole Baumgartner was among one of the 18 people in attendance at the forum, including faculty members and senior class officers, and said she thought more students should have attended the event.

“I was really disappointed in the turnout,” she said. “I wanted to see what was going on because when I’m a senior, I want to do something to celebrate that I’ve made it.”

Because few students showed up for the forum, Coleman said the senior class officers will determine which of the three options will be selected for the senior event.

The event will still cost the same amount as Pub Crawl, $10, and student senate has already agreed to pay for the transportation. The university will then subsidize the remaining costs.

At each of the three locations, students would be provided food and a cash bar. At Dave & Buster’s, students would have the option to participate in games and other activities, while the other two locations would provide music to entertain students.

“I think it’s a really good idea because the whole point is to celebrate with your friends,” Baumgartner said.