Day remembered for her strength

Some students remember Brenda Day for her hard work in the archives, for her helpful tone, for her passion for history.

Alumnus Andrew McGregor remembers her for her determination, for her strength, for her will power.

“Brenda was never worried about herself,” McGregor, who worked with Day in the archives during his time at Baker, said. “She always put others first.”

Even when Day, who served as the curator of Old Castle Museum and archivist, was battling cancer, McGregor said she was strong.

“She had a great perspective, knowing life was fleeting and that we must cherish what we have, refusing to let her illness get in the way of that,” he said.

Day died last weekend after a three-year bout with cancer, but McGregor said Day never let her illness get in the way of her work and her life.

“Through it all, she remained committed and upbeat, serving others before herself,” he said.

University Minister Ira DeSpain said he and Provost Randy Pembrook are organizing a memorial service for Day.

“We hope it will be next week sometime, but nothing is certain right now,” DeSpain said.

In order to honor his friend and mentor, McGregor will continue to work in the Baker archives.

“I continue to work in the archives even after her passing, hoping to share some of her memory and provide the same kind of assistance and encouragement that