Hannon becomes graduate assistant for women’s basketball team

Story by Kyle Davis

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Andrew Hannon spent part of his college career playing on the Baker men’s basketball team and now is a graduate assistant for the women’s basketball team.

Hannon said his ultimate plan is to be a strength coach and to work with younger kids in athletics. But for now, Hannon decided to take the opportunity presented to him by head women’s basketball coach Susan Decker.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to come back to Baker and coach a little bit,” Hannon said.

Hannon said what he is looking to bring to the team is to be a motivator, while Decker and assistant coach Richard Ebel are focused on the game.

"I watched some of the teams last year so I know what to look for, what players to look for, scout for," Hannon said. "I think it's a perfect place for me to start out at."<br/>