Miller ordered to appear in municipal court

Story by Kyle Davis

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Senior Colton Miller, starting safety on the Baker University football team, has been charged with misdemeanor battery and ordered to appear in Baldwin City Municipal Court.

Baldwin Police issued a citation after an incident on Oct. 3 between Miller and a member of the Ottawa football team, Jame Moran. The incident happened in the early morning of Oct. 3 at 412 Sixth St.

The hearing has been set for 9 a.m. Nov. 2 at the Baldwin City Public Library.

Miller said Moran slammed him on his head, so Miller hit Moran multiple times. Miller is fighting the charge, claiming self defense, however, witness to the altercation offer conflicting versions of the incident.

University officials are aware and a disciplinary committee is investigating the incident, Teresa Clounch, associate dean of students, said, but any outcome will not be public.

University President Pat Long said the university holds its athletes to the same standard as all students.

“I expect the same behavior from an athlete as I do from a non-athlete and I expect the same due process to go through, whether it’s … judicial or whatever,” Long said.

As of Wednesday, no record could be found of Moran also receiving a citation. Moran and Baker head football coach Mike Grossner have declined comment at this time.

The two universities have been in contact since the incident occurred.

“I was contacted by the Dean of Students at Ottawa University, Tom Taldo, about a concern between an alleged fight involving an Ottawa student and a Baker student,” Dean of Students Cassy Bailey said. “Dean Taldo and I have spoken several times in the interim, out of care and concern for both students.”

Miller, who was a First-Team All-HAAC selection for the Wildcats last season, has continued to play for the Wildcats the past three weeks, but his status will be re-evaluated.

“We are aware of the situation and as a university, we are waiting for due process to run its course, and my office is staying in communication with Dean Bailey’s office as any new details come to light,” Associate Athletic Director Theresa Yetmar said. “That’s our process right now.”