Rachel Hawkins frustrated with BU email

Story by Rachel

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People often talk about the power of the pen and the changes that come because of the media.

At least that’s what I’ve learned in my media classes.

My plea today is about Baker email.

Now, I’m a student that likes to be in the know; I like to know what is going on.

But the email at Baker has been out of control this year.

Each day students, faculty and staff receive emails from anyone on campus. The emails are from soliciting clubs and organizations, and contain information that the average person just doesn’t care about.

I’ll support the art club. But I don’t need three emails each week when they meet.

I don’t care when the water is being turned off for 45 minutes in Gessner Hall. I don’t live there.

As much fun as it is to see what is being served in the cafeteria each week, I don’t care. I don’t eat there.

Last year, the Educational Technology committee presented to the Baker University Faculty Senate about the number of emails that were sent out each week.

As one of the few students in the room, I was so excited to see a proposal on the table that would either limit who could send campus-wide emails or enforce groups to utilize the Wildcat Wire.

But the senators in the room just shrugged it off.

Some even said it helped students be prepared for their future by learning to check their email.

I was appalled then, and now, I’m just plain mad.

If the faculty senate won’t do anything about the email chaos that has hit this campus, then the Baker University Student Senate needs to do something about it.

The constant emails have gotten out of control, and as a student, I can’t take it anymore.

I did a little experiment this week to see how the email at Baker compares to other schools.

Last week at BU approximately seven emails were sent out each day campus-wide. That’s more than 45 in one week.

A friend of mine from Kansas State University received seven campus-wide emails in a week.

Anoter friend from Emporia State University also received seven campus-wide emails last week.

When my friends told me this, I was envious of all the extra time they probably had from not checking their email all afternoon.

Baker’s faculty have proven that this isn’t an issue for them, but I know I’m not the only student on campus that cares about this.

So my plea is to the student senate.

My inbox is getting clogged and it’s time that it stopped.