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Tera Lyons gives students survival tips for zombie invasion

Story by Tera

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There is a serious epidemic that could creep up on us at any moment.

It is on everyone’s mind.

There is no stopping it; the key is to be prepared.

But here is the real question. Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

The key to your survival rests on your ability to take out zombies and survive without getting a disease. This means having a plan in place at any point.

Keep a map ready. Put down the GPS. You need a real map, the one with the roads and little rest area signs. On this map, create the best route into a location with access to water, shelter and, above all else, an easily defendable perimeter.

From Baldwin City, this means traveling away from Kansas City and Topeka. My suggestion is that it be an area surrounded by a border and also have a height advantage with views in all directions for an easy defense.

There is going to be a rush to get out of the city and your best bet is going to be to take side roads or unused routes. Vehicles with four-wheel drive are going to be your friend.

This can be used to store food, water and equipment similar to if you were to go on a long camping trip.

All food you bring with you must be nonperishable. This is essential, as life will be tough and almost all food sources will be cut off.

The most important rule is to travel as a group. The chances of survival will increase by having more people who can protect you.

Zombies are attracted to the sound of bullets. This means no guns; melee weapons are the best bet so grab a crow bar or a baseball bat. The only exception to this rule is if you have skill with a bow.

Since the illness is based in the brain, it is critical that you destroy this in order to stop the zombie from a continued rampage.

As episodes of “The Walking Dead” continue to be released, I know I will continue to sit on the edge of my seat and increase my knowledge of zombies, because you never really know when the apocalypse is going to occur and I want to survive. Do you?