The Baker Orange

Playing for the Harlaxton Lions

Story by Tera

January 20, 2013

Joining the Harlaxton Lions basketball team wasn’t exactly the first club I planned to join when I got to England, but it is already turning out to be one of my favorite decisions. To begin with, I am one of only two girls that joined the team and I learned right away that as long as you put yo...

Snow at Harlaxton Manor

Story by Tera

January 14, 2013

England looks even more beautiful when covered in snow. I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life, but nothing could prepare me for a snowy day at Harlaxton Manor. I could not even imagine a time when I smiled more or had such a magnificent day. I saw the Facebook statuses as soon as I woke up ...

Living in a Castle

Story by Tera

January 8, 2013

I am living in a castle. That is all that was running through my head as our coach pulled up to Harlaxton Manor where I will have the opportunity to be attending school for four months. The first few hours when we arrived were for us to freely explore the manor and take countless photos. While man...

Alumni face reality of student loan debt

Story by Jordan Dolbin

December 11, 2012

While a national student loan debt average of $26,000 may seem like just another statistic to some students still in school, this number is very much a reality for many Baker alumni. Related Stories BU students borrow less than national average Student indifferent to national loan debt Graduates all over the country are struggl...

Sufjan Stevens adds meaning to music

Story by Cassady Clinkscale

November 27, 2012

With finals creeping closer, it’s becoming more and more difficult not to think about the sweet relief that comes with winter break. Tests, presentations and speeches loom overhead, making it nearly impossible to think positively. During a time like this, it’s important to have that o...

The meaning of Native American Thanksgiving

Story by Taylor Hensel

November 25, 2012

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie are just some of the traditional foods that the American culture associates with a conventional Thanksgiving meal. In contrast, the Cherokee Nation has a set of traditional Thanksgiving foods all its own. Venison, winter green onions, and crawdads are just s...

Electric Guest: Soulful vocals with an electronic twist

Story by Cassady Clinkscale

November 11, 2012

While high school seems like it was eons ago (though for me it definitely wasn’t), I still remember the unique combination of awkward and entertaining that was my senior prom. While it was pretty fun, I remember thinking, “Wow, this music sucks.” Now, if country music and mainstrea...

Neon Indian provides hypnotic beats

Story by Cassady Clinkscale

November 1, 2012

Today, in the spirit of stepping away from the norm, instead of introducing a relaxing, folk-ish band to listen to when you’re closed up in your room being a hermit, I’ve decided to go down a more electronic route. So, let’s talk about Neon Indian. A few months back, while listeni...

Native American sports

Story by Taylor Hensel

October 31, 2012

It is common to see Native peoples participating in popular sports like basketball, soccer, or hockey, but many people do not know that in Native cultures there are athletic events all our own. Each summer, the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) kicks off in Fairbanks, Alaska. WEIO is an annual Olympi...

Cat Power accentuates soul and indie genres

Story by Cassady Clinkscale

October 24, 2012

Sometimes when you return to your dorm room after a long day of lectures and notetaking, you just need that one thing that puts your feng shui back on track. For me, that one thing is Cat Power. Cat Power, or Chan Marshall, is a solo female vocalist reminiscent of the likes of Fiona Apple and Ingrid...

Native American History Month

Story by Taylor Hensel

October 22, 2012

This November, Native American History Month is being recognized here at Baker. In honor of this, I decided to use this blog to talk briefly about a historical event in the Native American culture specific to the Cherokee Nation. I remember learning about the Trail of Tears in my history classes in ele...

Organizations use social media as communication tool

Story by Megan Henry

October 17, 2012

Multiple Baker University organizations are using social media websites, including Facebook<a href="">Facebook</a>, , Twitter<a href="">Twitter</a>, , YouTube<a...