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The Biden-Harris Administration’s relief plan for student debt is an insufficient solution for the bigger problem: the cost of higher education. 

Editorial: Biden-Harris Administration’s debt relief is an insufficient solution

Story by Rebekah Nelson and Maria Gutierrez September 30, 2022

On Aug. 28, President Joe Biden announced his plan to start relieving student debt, impacting both current and graduated students. One month later, on Sept. 29, the process has finally gone into motion. The...

Nicole Medical and Austin Coash discuss the importance of women in sports while highlighting women athletes at Baker.

Women in sports: women athletes at Baker

Story by Nicole Merical and Austin Coash May 4, 2022

In this podcast, Nicole Merical and Austin Coash discuss women in sports, specifically regarding Women's History Month which was this past March. The Baker Orange ·...

Student media publications, like the Baker Orange are very important to spreading new ideas and perspectives around the community.

Editorial: the importance of student media

Story by Editorial Board May 3, 2022

Preparation for a job in the media field, specifically news media, most often includes prior experience as a student journalist at either the high school or college level. While a student publication...

The Town Galleria has a rich history over the past 100 years. From 1919 to 1992 is was a movie theatre that went by the name Gem Theatre.

A gem in history: the Gem Theatre

Story by Josephine Moore, Photographer May 3, 2022

Baldwin City is a small, quaint town with a rich history remembered by the community and unknown to most students of Baker University. Most students here know where to get their coffee in town whether...

The social media network Yik Yak has resurfaced and become an added stressor on Bakers campus.

Yik Yak sweeps across Baker community

Story by Maya Hodison, News Editor May 3, 2022

You might remember this famous scenario used in coming-of-age films: the victim walks into the lunchroom one day to realize everyone is staring and laughing at her because a rumor about her was mass texted...

Despite Covid restrictions being lifted, the level of student organization is still low compared to previous years.

The struggle of student organization involvement

Story by Colbie Fairley, Staff Writer & Photographer May 3, 2022

Baker University has offered a wide range of activities and club organizations for students to involve themselves in. The Student Activities Council (SAC), among many other organizations on Baker's campus,...

At the beginning of March, it was announced the Nil Nielsen would be taking over as the head volleyball coach. Nielsen was previously the volunteer assistant coach at Kansas University

Volleyball team welcomes new head coach

Story by Emiliano Navarro, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

On Wednesday, March 2, Athletic Director Nate Houser announced the hiring of Nils Nielsen as the next head volleyball coach at Baker University.  Growing up in Fallbrook, Calif., Nielsen attended Fallbrook...

BK495: Special Topics – Episode 2 – the study abroad experience

BK495: Special Topics – Episode 2 – the study abroad experience

Story by Luca Janssen and John Ely April 26, 2022

In the second episode of BK495: Special Topics in the Baker Experience, hosts John and Luca discuss the study abroad opportunities at Baker by talking to those involved in the program or those who have...

The graduating members of the Baker Dance Team reflect on their experience with the team and its success over the years.

Senior Dance Team members reflect on memories and success

Story by Emma Howard and Emiliano Navarro April 14, 2022

As their competition season comes to a close, the Baker University Dance Team has seen exceptional success as they continue to grow and evolve. The team danced their way to the top throughout the season,...

In recent months, bills regarding LGBTQIA+ rights have been in high discussion. The passing of the Dont Say Gay Bill on March 28 is the biggest example.

“Don’t Say Gay” and why it will not protect students

Story by Maria Gutierrez, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 11, 2022

On March 28, after several weeks of controversy, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the “Parental Rights in Education” bill. It will go into effect in July 2022. However, it is more commonly...

March is designated as Womens History Month and aims to reflect on womens contributions throughout history.

Celebrating Baker women, then and now

Story by Kolbie Christensen, Staff Writer March 31, 2022

Since 1987, March has been celebrated as Women's History Month. As the month comes to a close, it is important to reflect on those women who have made an impact on our history here at Baker. The official...

Book banning has become a trend again as numerous school across the country are being ordered to restrict access to certain stories.

Banning Books: is it even legal?

Story by Maria Gutierrez, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 28, 2022

This past January, a school district in Tennessee made the decision to ban Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel “Maus." The story is about Spiegelman’s relationship with his father, who was a survivor...

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