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Wish list devised for area teams

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It’s time to come up with a Christmas list-sports style. Teams around America will always have need for new personnel, and I’m here to outline some needs local teams might have.

First off, if the Chiefs don’t get offensive line help, the cheerleaders will start leaving the game early like the fans.

Sadly, then everyone will continue to miss Jared Allen putting on a defensive clinic that is actually comparable in talent to Derrick Thomas highlights.

If the team fails to acquire at least three offensive linemen in the off-season, they will continue to have limited results. Michigan’s Jake Long is a big-time tackle prospect, and that is where the biggest problems reside.

Also Steeler guard Alan Faneca is unhappy in Pittsburgh and would fit in great in the run-first system Herm Edwards has installed.

They also need to do some replacing on the defense, especially in the secondary.

Although he is playing admirably, Cornerback Ty Law has lost some skills. Patrick Surtain got burnt worse than apartment popcorn last week against the Chargers, but overall he’s been decent.

The problem is their age. Quite a few cornerbacks will be available in the draft, and hopefully Edwards can continue making good draft selections like he did with Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page.

When it comes to the Royals, only a few additions are needed. Although some teams have a large turnover rate because of today’s game, which allows large spending due to the lack of a salary cap, the Royals lineup, rotation and bullpen don’t need a whole lot of tweaking.

A couple of talented veteran hitters would add to an already potentially decent offense. The already sweet bullpen is pretty much set with the addition of Japanese reliever Yasuhiko Yabuta, and the rotation needs only one quality starter to become above average.

If the talented youth continue to improve, K.C. should be on track toward turning heads in the near future.

When it comes to college football, the Midwest got an early Christmas blessing with both Kansas and Missouri having rather historical seasons in terms of success. Sure the BCS mocked Missouri’s season by keeping them out of the top postseason bowls, but overall there was a lot of great football played.

Both even had potential Heisman candidates who will be back in Chase Daniel and Todd Reesing. By winning in their bowl games, they will properly close the book on their magical seasons.

When it comes to Baker athletics, several needs are apparent. Maybe Santa could grant the basketball teams some winning streaks to make the interterm interesting.

As for myself, a solid set of college football bowl games and NFL playoffs would make the break extra special.

Also, I couldn’t think of anything better than the Ninja Turtles set on DVD. Those outstanding VHS tapes have already fallen apart, and I don’t know how long I can continue without some cowabunga in my life.

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