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The Biden-Harris Administration’s relief plan for student debt is an insufficient solution for the bigger problem: the cost of higher education. 

Editorial: Biden-Harris Administration’s debt relief is an insufficient solution

Story by Rebekah Nelson and Maria Gutierrez September 30, 2022

On Aug. 28, President Joe Biden announced his plan to start relieving student debt, impacting both current and graduated students. One month later, on Sept. 29, the process has finally gone into motion. The...

Student media publications, like the Baker Orange are very important to spreading new ideas and perspectives around the community.

Editorial: the importance of student media

Story by Editorial Board May 3, 2022

Preparation for a job in the media field, specifically news media, most often includes prior experience as a student journalist at either the high school or college level. While a student publication...

As the overdose epidemic grows on college campuses, its important to be aware of the symptoms and realities of drug use.

Editorial: Overdose epidemic grows on college campuses

Story by Maria Gutierrez, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 28, 2022

Before coming to college, we were all told by parents, by teachers, by guest-speakers to say “no” to drugs. It’s a lesson that’s been hammered into our heads for as long as we could remember. But...

Unpaid internships no longer serve students due to financial stress and lack of labor appreciation.

Editorial: It is time to end unpaid internships

Story by Emma Howard, Social Media Editor December 4, 2021

As the fall semester comes to a close, the search for internships for the upcoming year is in full swing. Many Baker students participate in short and long-term internships year-round as several academic...

Both physical and mental tolls continue to appear as students push through pandemic life.

Editorial: Students continue to endure repercussions of pandemic

Story by Editorial Board April 13, 2021

Just over one year ago, what was expected to be a two week bump in the road upended the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges that will linger across the globe for years to...

Holiday celebrations endanger a safe return to campus

Holiday celebrations endanger a safe return to campus

Story by Editorial Board, Writer December 20, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, life has had to change drastically. Fatigue has set in and many people are deciding to be done with the pandemic when the pandemic has not yet ended. The frustration and...

Pushing through the unexpected

Pushing through the unexpected

Story by Emma Howard November 1, 2020

As students start gearing up for finals week, collective feelings of burnout and exhaustion have hit an all-time high. For many, the fall semester has felt like a sprint with nonstop hurdles to overcome. It...

editorial Covid confusion

COVID-19 causes unease about being back on campus

Story by Editorial Board September 30, 2020

Structure is important to college students. Having a constant schedule of class, school activities and out of school activities is something that most college students aim for.  A college is a place...

The importance of the editorial

The importance of the editorial

Story by Editorial Board May 7, 2019

Opinions are important; they are so important that there are entire sections of every newspaper and online publication devoted to them. The Baker Orange voices pages have housed the words and opinions...

Day of Giving faces mixed reviews

Day of Giving faces mixed reviews

Story by Editorial Staff April 10, 2019

As students, we all pay to go to Baker in one way or another, whether that be through time, talent or money. On April 4, Baker had their second annual Day of Giving. During the Day of Giving, the Office...

Students lack participation on campus

Students lack participation on campus

Story by Editorial Staff March 18, 2019

It is no secret that Baker University students are involved in numerous activities both on and off of campus. Lately, our editorial board noticed students are generally not willing to add anything else...

The final countdown

The final countdown

Story by Editorial Staff February 15, 2019

This semester marks the last semester that The Baker Orange will be a print publication. Though we as an editorial staff are saddened by the end of the print era, we are honored that we have the opportunity...

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