The final countdown

Story by Editorial Staff

This semester marks the last semester that The Baker Orange will be a print publication. Though we as an editorial staff are saddened by the end of the print era, we are honored that we have the opportunity to produce this traditional newspaper for its final issues. We hope readers appreciate the final issues of this award-winning publication yet look forward to the digital future just as we are.

Newspapers have been around in the U.S. for 300 years and have served as an outlet for free speech, publicizing local or national happenings and tackling controversial subjects. Over time newspapers have lost their appeal to society as other forms of media have emerged such as television, radio and ultimately, the internet. The Orange is no exception to this as we have been a print publication for 123 years. We have seen shifts in audience media taste over time and have made adjustments to accommodate to these wants.

Though The Orange will still be reporting through issues published online, it will not have the same presence. There is something meaningful and thought-provoking to each person who picks up a copy of The Orange. Whether it be the immersion the reader feels from the smell of the pages or the ability to physically hold the stories, each hard copy of The Orange is unique. As generations evolved, the value of newspapers has declined. We as mass media students see the tradition and value of print publications, but this is not commonly shared among the majority of our peers. However, we also see the importance of adapting to the digital age by transferring our content online.

The transfer of the Orange from both print and digital to a digital-only publication is a milestone. We as an editorial staff believe that this decision will be beneficial in the long run.  As editors, we feel there is a lack of engagement with the print issue. We are excited and hopeful for more online engagement as we make the transition to a strictly digital news source.

Though the face of The Orange may look and be available to readers differently, we will still continue to report on relevant campus, community and national news online. We are looking forward to the transition to a digital publication and hope that students, alumni and faculty will adjust to the new platform as well. Due to the instantaneous nature of a digital presence, The Orange staff is excited to be able to provide readers with information more quickly. Let the final countdown begin as we only have three print issues remaining.

To learn more about the decision for The Baker Orange to end the print publication, visit our article “The Orange set for final print publication.”