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Panel addresses campus resources

Story by Abby

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Baker University faculty and staff were encouraged to attend a campus crime panel Feb. 28 to listen and discuss the protocols for reporting ethical dilemmas at Baker.

Five speakers from different departments talked about what their department can do as a resource for the campus when dealing with ethical issues.

Director of Human Resources Connie Deel began the presentation by informing staff and faculty of the EthicsPoint website used to report unethical behavior that go against the codes of Baker. She said the website is the key to keeping up the standards of ethical conduct at the university. It will be used to ensure that students, along with faculty and staff, are abiding by the rules to make Baker the best it can be.

“Our policies are intentionally the first section of our manual and it outlines how to report any sort of matter,” Deel said. “It encourages reporting all perceived instances, regardless of the offender’s identity or position.”

Other speakers addressed not only what to do with an ethical dilemma, but how their offices handle ethical decisions. Larry Morgan, assistant supervisor of public safety and fire safety coordinator, gave information on who to contact if you or someone you know is in trouble. University Minister Ira DeSpain gave information about abuse and the consent of relationships. Tim Hodges, director of counseling center, said he could be a resource with unethical conduct, too.

Dean of Students Cassy Bailey addressed what situations her office can handle. These include anything from violent behavior to mental health concerns. She covers a wide basis of situations and likes to help in any way.

“Our website gives clear indication of what should be reported to the Dean of Students office,” Bailey said. “Anytime there is an act of violence or concern, those are some of the issues that can be reported to my office. Even if it is just as a resource or chatting about your concerns, my staff and I would be happy to address those protocols.”

The EthicsPoint site is meant to help report conduct or address any concerns Baker employees have.

The website shows how to report a situation within different categories, ranging from personal issues to athletics. The university wants to ensure ethical conduct is being taken care of and that faculty and staff know the proper procedure to take when a crisis, concern or issue occurs.

Although the website pertains to faculty and staff, all other resources and offices are available for students to use.