Summer brings family traditions to light

Story by Cassie

Summer is one of those glorious things in life that I treasure more than most things.

Growing up with a big yard and a pool was a privilege that I have had. Add a huge family to the equation and it makes it even better.

My family must have had at least three swimming parties in one week. I loved every bit of it.

Even though I am grown up and out of the house, I still enjoy summers by the pool.

The swimming pool wasn’t the only thing about summer that I grew up enjoying.

Things like dad’s ribs and steaks as well as mom’s peach cobbler were a common occurrence.

Just picture it: a sizzling steak with baked potatoes, green beans and corn with a side of a root beer. Summers at the Wells’ house are amazing.

Now that I don’t live in the Wells’ household anymore, I have a lot of summer to live up to.

I have all the necessary ingredients to make it the perfect summer.

A pool and a grill within walking distance are a necessity for the proper Wells feast and I am fortunate enough to have all of that and more at my apartment.

The only thing that will be different is that instead of a Wells summer, I will be having a Smith summer.

I’m looking forward to participating in various summer activities that I have been a part of during my childhood and host both the Wells and Smith families during the summer months.

But I think the summers I’m most looking forward to is when I will get to enjoy the pool and cookouts with my own family.

I can’t wait to see my son Connor swim in a pool for the first time or to have pool parties for him.

I can visualize Connor now, a little red-headed boy, having his first swimming lesson and wearing arm floats or being a rebel and jumping off the diving board and scaring his mother.

The meaning of summer is still and will always be the same for me; it’s a time to spend with family and friends. This way by the end of each summer, I am that much closer to the individuals I love the most. This is even more true and important for me today than it has ever been because I am starting a family of my own to make new traditions with.

I’m sure some of the Wells’ traditions will still be true in the new Smith household, but we will have our own new traditions with every summer we spend together.