Baker websites have new look as school year begins

With its up-to-date layout and new features, the recently-renovated Baker University website has been redesigned to be easily navigable for current and prospective students and faculty.

After receiving feedback that the school website was difficult to navigate, a task force made up of teachers and staff looked at what was working with other institutions and implemented some of the feedback they have received over the years to create a design that was more modern and dynamic.

“We took pains to ensure that everything had a more straightforward navigational path,” Neil Kulbiski, director of marketing and communications, said. “Adding style and fresh content was also a high priority.”

As for style, the Baker website has more visually appealing aspects and is incorporating images into the design.

The new content will be obvious to students as they attempt to navigate their way around the redesigned webpage. One of the most noticeable changes is the “take me to…” box at the top of every page. This will give students and faculty quick access to email, myBaker portal, the library webpage and other key online resources.

Kulbiski’s favorite addition to the website is the informational slideshow on the homepage. This feature highlights key events going on around the campus and illustrates to users the things BU has done.

The Baker Athletics page also went through a transformation while trying to keep up with the new era of technology.

“The department as a whole felt like it was the right time to update the athletics website and move into the ever-changing technology world with a new look,” Tyler Price, assistant director of athletics and communications, said.

The website now gives fans and visitors an easier way to follow their teams via links to live video, live stats and correlating Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr sites.

“I think the newer site is more friendly-looking,” sophomore Gunnar McKenna said. “However, at first it takes some getting used to it, but once you have it down, it’s easily navigated. Overall, I like it better than the old site simply because it’s more user-friendly.”

In addition, there are now full-length profiles on all coaches and staff, with profiles of student athletes to come.

“I believe the students will be thrilled with the new site and will really enjoy all of the new looks,” Price said.

Although it may take some getting used to, the task force hopes that the new layout will increase students’ efficiency and help all website users.

There will be minor tweaks made throughout the year and the teachers and staff in charge of the design urge students to click the feedback button if they have comments or suggestions.