Students set up for ‘Dracula’

The Baker theater department has caught the vampire fever as the cast and crew scramble to put together their upcoming production of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

Senior Megan Nelson is the stage manager for the show, which will hit the stage March 4. While Nelson has been involved in the theater all four years she has been at Baker, this is a new role for her to take on.

Nelson said her responsibilities include making sure everyone is on time and following proper safety procedures. This is especially important for this show because it is based largely around special effects.

“I feel I have a bigger passion for the creation of the show,” Nelson said. “I never stop thinking about the show.”

The audience can expect to see special effects like fire, smoke, dry ice and magic tricks, Nelson said.

Nelson said she enjoys working behind the scenes more than being on stage.

Junior Andrew Simons is the special effects designer for “Dracula,” a position that comes with a lot of responsibility. He said in past shows there have been special effects, but nothing like what is going to be happening in this production.

“With supernatural beings, you have to go over the top,” Simons said. “This guy is not human.”

The budget for the special effects is $150. Simons said one of the key effects in the show is the scene where Dracula turns into a bat. Since Rice Auditorium was not built as a theater, it lacks space and basic equipment to aid in this stunt. Simons said this is the one effect he has been stressing over.

“The question is: not is this going to work, but is it going to be safe?” Simons said.

Junior Ali Watson is the makeup designer for “Dracula.” She said she is really stoked to be doing makeup on this show. She said she will be using prosthetics for vampire fangs and bite marks.

“Not only do I get to do some basic corrective makeup but also special effects makeup,” Watson said. “My favorite is the gore makeup.”