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BU overloaded with organizations

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It seems that each week, the Baker University Student Senate recognizes a new organization at Baker University.

There are 54 different clubs, organizations, greek chapters and honor societies at Baker University, not including athletic teams.

With about 1,000 students on the Baldwin City campus, there are more than enough opportunities for students to get involved.

Almost too many opportunities.

Getting involved is all a part of the college experience.

So much learning happens outside the classrooms, and students should be getting involved in activities and organizations they are interested in.

They should be involved in activities that relate to their major, or to their chosen career path.

But have you ever noticed that it seems like the same students are starting these organizations?

Have you ever been to a club meeting and seen the same group of people in leadership roles within that group?

It seems that the same students are just circling campus, involved in all of the same organizations.

While most activities and organizations on campus are full of students who want to make a difference, their members are often spreading themselves so thin because they are involved in so many other activities, as well as balancing the academic side of being a college student.

Students should find activities and organizations on campus that are meaningful, and that they can devote their time, and energy, too.

Students should be looking for opportunities to get involved, instead of just looking for fillers to put on their resumes.

They should select quality organizations and get passionate about what that specific organization stands for.

What’s the point in being involved in any organizations if you can’t put any time or effort into it?

And what about all those organizations that do the same type of work and seem practically the same?

Last spring, Active Minds at BU was founded by a group of Baker students that wanted to change the conversation about mental health on Baker’s campus.

But, isn’t the group Peer Educators already doing work just like that?

Just a few weeks ago, the Baker University Student Senate recognized Baker Serves as an organization on campus that focuses on community service opportunities around Baker.

However, Cardinal Key is an honor society that focuses on community service as well.

Because there are so many organizations at BU that are so similar, students often wonder what that organization actually does, and what they stand for.

It’s great that Baker University students want to get so involved, and want to leave their legacy at Baker.

But can’t their legacy be left by making already existing organizations stronger?

Couldn’t Active Minds or Peer Educators be even stronger and do more for Baker if they worked together, as one team, on a project?

Couldn’t more community service opportunities be done if Baker Serves and Cardinal Key combined to make one, strong organization?

Ottawa University, located just down the road from Baldwin City, offers around 35 clubs and organizations for their students.

Baker University isn’t that much bigger than OU, yet has so many more organizations and activities that students are involved in.

So, take a break students. Get some sleep, and get involved in what you’re passionate about rather than just trying to boost your resume.

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