Celebration planned to kick off union renovations

Talk of the renovations to Harter Union is continuous on campus. As a kickoff to the changes, Baker will host a renovation celebration Friday in the Harter Union.

The festivity will include a sneak peek into the new dining layout with three of the new cafeteria stations, including an exhibition station with pasta sauté, a gluten free station called “simple servings” and a grill station.

Students and faculty alike are excited to see the layout and changes coming their way.

“The new union will create a place where everyone will want to socialize and hangout,” freshman Alex Baird said. “The opportunity for a new cafeteria arrangement will be great because we will get new food and better meal plans. The layout will also make us look like a university now.”

Part of University President Pat Long’s motivation behind renovating Harter Union involves the use students and staff get out of the building for the amount it currently costs.

“The union is the most inefficient building we have on campus and the most costly building we have on campus because we waste energy,” Long said. “It doesn’t have all of the new things with energy management. It is very old in its infrastructure. Just what we are going to do with that alone is going to save us money.”