KELLY BURNS – Coordinator of Student Affairs

Story by Katie Thurbon

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Making a transition from working in career services, Kelly Burns, coordinator of student affairs, is now the students’ go-to resource for housing and meal plan questions. Kelly Burns

“For housing matters the first stop is to talk to your [resident assistant] and [senior resident assistant] but they can come to us to see what their options might be,” Burns said.

Assisting Burns will be Jessie Riggs, a graduate assistant coming from the Kansas University higher administration program. Riggs will be the area coordinator during his time at Baker and will help with the New Living Center, Gessner Hall and the Horn and Markham Apartments.

Laura Jacob, another graduate assistant from the KU program, will preside over Irwin Hall.

As for meal plans, Burns advised students that they are only able to change them during the first two weeks of classes.

Burns said she is looking forward to working with students in a new capacity.

“Coming from career services and helping the RAs as they put together their resumes, I’ve just had such respect and awe for the positions they hold,” Burns said. “Just getting to know students even more is really exciting to me.”