DEE SCHNECK – Helpdesk Supervisor

Story by Katie Thurbon

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For all technical difficulties, students will be referred to Helpdesk Supervisor Dee Schneck. Dee Schneck

“We mostly deal on the computer technology side,” Schneck said. “Although if a student happens to be in the library and they don’t know where to go, I’ve been here 16 years so I can help them find where they’re supposed to be.”

Schneck said she most commonly helps students having problems logging into their portal, email or the university wireless internet but said students should at least try to fix it first before coming to her.

The easiest way to gain assistance from Schneck and the other Helpdesk wizards is to submit a helpdesk ticket online at

“For gaming devices especially, students have to submit a helpdesk ticket,” Schneck said.

While Schneck said they have a checklist for students to look at online, she had one important last piece of advice to make the year run smoothly – “Make sure you have updated antivirus!”