SUSAN WADE – Director of Career Services

Story by Katie Thurbon

For most students, college is just another stepping stone to the career of their dreams. Here to help you map out this last step is Director of Career Services Susan Wade. Susan Wade

“All the students think of me as the resume person, and that’s great with me because how I get to know people is through your resume,” Wade said. “As we work on a resume, it also helps us talk about your career plan.”

Wade advises all students to attend career services events including internship information sessions, career fairs, mock interviews and the Baker University Majors Fair, which is required for freshmen.

“I really think that students are really smart to start thinking about networking early,” Wade said. “So coming to career services events so you can meet alumni in your field is really smart.”

Wade especially wants freshmen to know that her office is applicable to all students, not just upperclassmen.

“When freshmen look at career services they think ‘OK, that’s something that I do when I’m a junior or a senior and that’s not for me right now,’” Wade said. “I think they really underestimate the value of it.”