CARRIE COWARD BUCHER – Quest Program Chair, Director of Honors Program

Story by Katie Thurbon

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For students who need guidance through the new Quest program, Carrie Coward Bucher, Quest program chair and director of honors program, is the woman to see. Carrie Coward-Bucher

“Freshmen might come see me to get general information about their general education credits,” Bucher said, “or if they have questions about what the Quest program is or what its goal is.”

Baker also offers an honors program if students are looking for a little extra challenge. If freshmen are not already enrolled in the honors program, they can see Bucher about becoming enrolled for the spring semester.

Bucher previously worked in BU’s Student Academic Success program and hopes to still be able to help students in that capacity.

“I think that freshmen should appreciate that this is a moment in life when they want to take themselves and their career seriously; so they really want to seek out all of the resources to do that excellently,” Bucher said. “If I can help them in that, then they should always come to my door and if not they should be finding who can help them so they can do it. “