RUTH SARNA – Director of the Student Health Center

Story by Taylor Shuck, Editor

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Ruth Sarna, the director of the Student Health Center, has been helping students lead a healthy life on Baker’s campus for 25 years.

The Student Health Center amenities, which range from health services to counseling, are all a part of tuition. Sarna says the walk-in clinic is “all-inclusive” and “acclimated to students.”

“Everything that happens here is confidential,” Sarna said. “I want students to come to me with any concerns that they may have. Nothing is too stupid to confront me with.”

The center also has physicians from the KU Health Center who come in for four hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This allows Sarna to be able to send the students elsewhere if she can’t solve a problem herself.

In addition to being the director, Sarna also calls herself students’ “number one cheerleader” and “surrogate grandma.”

“I really love the students and want them to know that I really care about not only their health, but their all-around well being,” Sarna said. “I love relating to the students and helping them transition into the real world.”

So students who need health services or free hugs can stop by the Student Health Center to see Nurse Ruth.