Cellphones create classroom distraction


Story by The Baker Orange Editorial Board

“LOL what r u doin?”

This is the text that made you miss what the chemical components of gasoline hydrocarbons are.

Was it worth it?

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Professors offended by cellphone usage

A study by Wilkes University shows that nine out of 10 students text during class. If not being able to update your Twitter timeline or change your Facebook status in this amount of time is that necessary to your well-being, then there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Students need to put away their phones in the classroom–it’s as easy as that. Not only is this rude to the professor, it is disrespectful to everyone else in the class who is trying to pay attention.

We all know the frustration that come when we are trying to talk to someone and he or she is on his or her phone. It’s annoying knowing the person isn’t paying attention to what we have to say. Professors experience the same feelings when they see students using phones during class. By being our teachers, they have earned our respect. They are taking time out of their day to try and teach us things they believe are important–things we are paying good money to learn about.

As college students, especially at a private institution, we are paying a lot of money to go to a class just to text. Your “I’m so bored in class” tweet was probably the most expensive tweet you’ve ever sent.

Besides the reasons that have to do with the classroom, learning how to live without your phone (if even just for 50 minutes at a time) is a good thing to learn. Your cellphone is not a part of your body, and you can live without it. We’re not calling for a full-on cellular revolution, but we are asking students to remember what is actually important in their lives.

In today’s society, our education can be the most secure thing we have in our lives. By going to school and getting a degree, we are setting ourselves up for success in the long run. Why are we potentially wasting this opportunity?

So put the phones away. You’re hurting your own education as well as the rest of your fellow Wildcats’. Plus, isn’t there more excitement when you wait to check your phone and see that you have four different texts?